Sunday, 21 August 2011

NHibernate 3.2 nxtgenug presentation at Southampton

Just a quick blog post explaining my recent presentation at the Southampton NxtGenUg meeting that took place on Thursday the 18th August.

The presentation was broken up into 4 parts:-

Part 1

Models and mappings - Shows how to model components, inheritance and collections using hbm XMLmappings

Part 2

Mapping by code - Shows how to model the same model in part 1 using the new sexy mapping by code syntax new to NHibernate 3.2. A simple console application showed how to retrieve some data.

Part 3

Sessions and transactions - Shows how NHibernate can be configured into a MVC 3 application, how a unit of work can implemented and how we can use NHProf.

Part 4

Queries - Shows how we break up a MVC 3 application into layers comprising of a Domain.Model, a service layer, a repository layer and the MVC 3 layer. The application uses Unity to achieve a loosely coupled design. NHProf is used extensively to show how we can optimise the queries. This part also covers eager loading versus lazy loading and how you should be aware of unwanted side effects.

Click here to download the complete presentation, the RAR file contains:-
  • DB structure
  • DB data
  • Presentation notes
  • All four VS2010 SLN

UPDATE : Newer demo and slides can be found here.

My next presentation is at Oxford on September 13th.

If you would like me to present NHibernate to your user group in the U.K. (or South Africa anytime in February 2012) then please contact me via twitter @rippo or email me richard AT


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